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Shops You Should Know // V12.

Shops You Should Know is a monthly feature that highlights five of my favorite Etsy shops - it's my way to show off some recent finds and support the small business community on Etsy. See something you love? Have a favorite shop you'd like to share? Let me know! // Emmy Rickard // Paulina Carcach // Gretchen Kelly Studio // Zoe Miyori Fujii // Julianne Blumlo

DIY // gallery wall.

// photo by Jennifer Kathryn Photography I'm a sucker for a good gallery wall. It may be the sap in me, knowing most of my art pieces remind me of a person, place or memory. Or maybe it's just because I'm in that indecisive, figuring myself out stage of my twenties still and large scale art is a big commitment that I'm not quite ready for. Either way, over the past few years my art collection has grown and so have the size of the gallery walls I pull together in each apartment. It's my…